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Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI)
December 6, 2015

To nurture a regional network and strengthen leadership skills among ASEAN youth, the United States Government is pleased to invite Malaysian youth who are between the ages of 18-35 to register as members and be part of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI). To register and see more details about submission, please go to the YSEALI website at: https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/.

What is YSEALI?

Launched in 2013, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is the U.S. government’s signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia. Through a variety of programs and engagements, including U.S. educational and cultural exchanges, regional exchanges, and seed funding, YSEALI seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the United States and Southeast Asia, and nurture an ASEAN community. YSEALI focuses on critical topics identified by youth in the region: civic engagement, environment and natural resources management, and entrepreneurship and economic development.


The United States is proud to support the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, because we believe that young people are instrumental in plotting the course of Southeast Asia’s future. Approximately 65% of people in the ASEAN region are under the age of 35. Youth are innovative, creative, and eager to contribute their ideas and energy to improve not only their own lives, but the lives of others in their communities. Together, we can make a difference.

The YSEALI Academic and Professional Fellowship

The YSEALI Academic and Professional Fellowship programs brings emerging leaders in these fields from Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam (ASEAN member countries) to the United States for an intensive four-week program designed to provide young leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills and broaden their professional expertise. Click here for information!

YSEALI Regional Workshops

YSEALI Generation Regional Workshops cultivate a regional network for ASEAN youth to collaborate on solving common challenges and developing new opportunities. Since 2013, over 500 emerging leaders have benefited from professional workshops focused on hands-on training, entrepreneurship skills, workforce development, environmental studies, women’s leadership, and other leadership skills necessary to successfully make a positive impact in their communities.

YSEALI Seeds of the Future Grant

The YSEALI Seeds for the Future grants support young Southeast Asian leaders’ most promising and innovative ideas for civic engagement, education, entrepreneurship and economic development, and environment and natural resources management. This groundbreaking grant competition helps match entrepreneurial emerging leaders with their peers in other Southeast Asian countries and encourages them to work together to solve regional challenges in partnership with the United States. The competition provides funding of up to $20,000 for the region’s most promising young leaders to carry out projects that improve their communities, countries and the region.