Virtual English Language Specialist trains English language instructors of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF)

On February 17,  English Language Specialist Michael Herndon facilitated the first virtual instructional teaching skills workshop for seventeen English language instructors of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF), in cooperation with Public Affairs Kuala Lumpur. This highly interactive series of workshops will be held on a weekly basis for 6 hours per week through March 11, 2021. The aim of this project is to improve the instructors’ skills in pedagogy and effective presentation. This capacity building program exposes MAF instructors to the different types of digital tools and apps they can utilize in their classrooms. After a collaborative first week of classes, participants have commented that they are looking forward to exploring and familiarizing themselves with new teaching methodologies through this program, which is supported by the Office of English Language Programs at the Department of State and the Regional English Language Officer in Bangkok.