Malaysia: Virtual English Language Fellow facilitates English Communication course for military cadets at National Defense University of Malaysia

Virtual English Language Fellow Lynn Nakazawa explains the transactional model of communication to the cadets during her first class with them. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On March 23, English Language Fellow Lynn Nakazawa conducted her first English Communication class for 40 military cadets of the National Defense University of Malaysia. The overall objective of this three-month project is to develop cadets’ ability to think critically and make oral presentations in English. The course will also teach the cadets about confidence building, visual aid preparation, and class management. During her first class, Lynn introduced the cadets to the different models of communication, strategies for effective communication, as well as verbal and nonverbal cues. The cadets had the opportunity to practice speaking in English and conveying meaning via their facial expressions.  The project highlights the Mission’s commitment to develop future military leaders and strengthen the U.S.-Malaysia partnership via training and military education activities.