U.S. Rebalance Policy Toward Asia Includes Robustly Rising U.S.-Malaysia Relations

Photo of three men holding a banner
DCM Edgard Kagan, CAO Arend Zwartjes with a Malaysian participant from Sunway Education Group. (U.S. Embassy photo)

At a Public Affairs Roundtable jointly organized with the Harvard Leadership Trek and Sunway Education Group held at the Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE), Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Edgard Kagan articulated U.S. “Rebalance” policy toward Asia.  Addressing seventy Malaysian and international participants, including about forty Harvard post-graduate scholars, the DCM cogently discussed U.S. policy which changed from a historical focus on North East Asia toward a current focus on Southeast Asia and ASEAN, especially characterized by President Obama’s participation at the East Asian Summits and the ASEAN Regional Forums.  He outlined how the U.S. is escalating its engagement militarily, economically (TPP-Transpacific Pacific Partnership) and culturally (people-to-people relations) with Malaysia and the region.

Photo of people gathered around a room
The Roundtable participants pose for a group photo at MACEE. (U.S. Embassy photo)

The DCM stressed that the U.S. is encouraged by Malaysia and the region’s recognition of and combat against the dangers of the Islamic State and radicalism.  He concluded the Roundtable discussion with optimistism that Malaysia and the region would prosper significantly because its rising educated classes will harness technology to further reduce poverty and enhance the region’s political and economic dynamism, all of which also serves U.S. interests.