U.S. Embassy Speaker Donnelly Makes History Come Alive at the Univesity of Malaya

Photo of participants
Donnelly with a section of the participants. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On May 14, Economics Section Office Management Specialist James Donnelly presented a seminar on “The U.S. Involvement in Vietnam,”  to twenty-five undergraduates taking a modern history clas” at the University of Malaya.  The students enjoyed listening, for the first time, candid American perspectives about the Vietnam war, the divided views within U.S. society about fighting the communists in Vietnam at the expense of huge loss of lives and financial resources, and the implications, vis-a-vis the domino theory, for security and stability in the region.  Donnelly also pointed out that it was difficult to see morality in war, but his advise to the students was to “be educated, strive for peace, equality, and to create a better world for all.” Among the positive feedback received about Donelly’s presentation was that it was, “so much better than a textbook presentation.” Lincoln Resource Center director Gerard George concluded the seminar by briefing the participants about the Lincoln Corners, its collections, services and programs open to them for further engagement with the U.S. Embassy.