Applicants age 16 and Above

Save time. Complete and print your passport application form before coming to the Embassy.

U.S. citizens in Malaysia should renew their passports at the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur.
Please do not mail your application to a passport agency in the U.S.

Steps for Submitting Passport Application for Applicants Age 16 And Above:

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment
Appointments are now required for all passport services. To make and cancel an appointment, please visit the ACS Appointment System. 
Please schedule a different appointment for each person renewing their passport.

Step 2: Complete the Appropriate Passport Application Form
Form DS-82 (PDF 88.5KB): Use this form if you are renewing a full validity passport that was issued less than 15 years ago AND you are currently in possession of your full-validity passport. You must sign and date Form DS-82 on page 1 of the application.

Form DS-11 (PDF 101KB): Use this form if you are a first time adult applicant (16 years or older), or your previous passport was issued over 15 years ago. Do not sign Form DS-11 until requested to do so by the Consular Officer.

Step 3: Submit Passport Application Form and the Following Additional Documents:
Proof of U.S. Citizenship (original and one copy):
You may submit one or more of the following items:

  • Previous full validity U.S. passport
  • Certified Birth Record
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)
  • Naturalization Certificate or
  • Certificate of Citizenship

Proof of Identity (original and one copy):
You may submit one or more of the following items containing your personal information with your signature and a recent photograph that clearly bears an identifiable resemblance of you:
• Valid U.S. or foreign passport;
• Valid U.S. driver’s license (not temporary or learner’s license);
• Valid U.S. government (Federal, State, municipal) identification card. Temporary, altered, or commercially issued documents are not acceptable.

U.S. Passport Photo:
One (1) color 2”by 2” passport photo
The photo must be:

  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  • Taken in normal civilian attire without a hat or glasses
  • Taken with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  • As of November 1, 2016 you must remove your eyeglasses for passport photos

A Marriage Certificate or Court Order (original and one copy)
 if your current name is different from what was recorded in your most recent U.S. passport.

Step 4: Pay Applicable Passport Fees
Passport Fees:

  • US$145: First time applicants above age 16
  • US$110: Renewal of adult passports

We accept most major international credit cards (charges billed in U.S. Dollars), U.S. Dollars, and the U.S. Dollar equivalent in Malaysian Ringgit. Personal checks and debit cards are NOT acceptable.