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On April 20, 2021, the State Department issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for Malaysia, advising U.S. citizens not to travel to Malaysia due to COVID-19. For additional information, please see the full Travel Advisory.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and local restrictions, our consular services are limited. However, we continue to schedule appointments for U.S. passports, CRBAs, and exceptional notarial services. Please complete this form to request an appointment, making sure to note any urgent circumstances.

If you are a U.S. citizen with a life or death emergency, please contact us at More information on COVID-19 in Malaysia can be found here.

The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur requires appointments for all routine notary, passport, and CRBA services.  We do not accept walk-ins.  In order to serve you efficiently, the American Citizen Services Unit uses an online appointment system for all services.  Appointments cannot be made over the phone; please use our online system to schedule an appointment with American Citizen Services.

In light of COVID-19, the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is encouraging social distancing protocols. In order to better serve you, and to ensure the safety and social distancing of all visitors to the American Citizen Services Unit, please arrive at your exact appointment time – do not arrive early.  If you arrive early, you will be asked to remain outside until your appointment time.  Practice social distancing and do not stand close to other applicants who are not members of your immediate family or traveling party.  Follow the directions of the U.S. Embassy greeters and guards.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or believe you may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, postpone your appointment by at least 14 days.

In accordance with the Government of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommendations, all visitors to the U.S. Embassy must wear a cloth face covering or mask and observe social distancing protocols as established by the Embassy staff.  The U.S. Embassy will not distribute masks to visitors; please make arrangements to bring your own.

Day of Appointment Instructions:

  • Please have all necessary forms/documentation completed and ready to present to an Embassy official;
  • Bring a printed copy of your appointment confirmation page;
  • Bring two forms of government-issued identification (your Passport and one other ID). You will be asked to leave one ID with security during your appointment.  Please have your IDs ready and easily accessible;
  • Take a queue number at the entrance to the Consular waiting room.

Security Regulations:
Embassy security procedures require that all visitors receive a security inspection.  You will be allowed to check one cell phone at the Embassy gate but the U.S. Embassy and local guards are not liable for any loss or damage to your cell phone while it is checked.  You will NOT be allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy for your appointment carrying any of the following items:

  • Any other battery-operated or electronic devices such as computer tablets, digital diaries, pagers, cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, MP3s, floppy disks, laptops, or portable music players;
  • Any oversize shoulder bags or purses;
  • Any oversize handbags and travel bags, large back-packs, briefcases, or suitcases. Applicants can only carry in clear bags containing papers needed for their appointment;
  • Any food item;
  • Sealed envelopes or packages;
  • Cigarettes / cigars / match boxes / lighters;
  • Any sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail files;
  • Weapons or explosive materials of any kind.

The list provided above is not exhaustive.  Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security staff.  Other than the one allowed cell phone, the U.S. Embassy will not accept the storage of any of the above prohibited items.  You will have to make alternate arrangements to store these items before you enter the Embassy.

Other Appointment FAQ