ACS Appointment FAQs

What if I require more than one service?
It is possible to have several services during the same visit to the Embassy; however, please make a separate appointment for each individual service.

When I arrive at the Consular Waiting Room do I need to take a queue number?
Even though you have an appointment, please take a queue number at the entrance to the consular waiting room. This enables us to serve applicants in a more orderly manner.

What should I do if I cannot keep my appointment?
Please be considerate of others by cancelling your appointment time when you know that you cannot keep that appointment.  Please follow the directions on our website or email us at

How long are wait times at the Embassy?
Wait times vary depending on the service(s) you and those ahead of you require. In general applicants for a CRBA or a minor passport renewal take the longest (up to an hour) as they require considerable data entry and an interview with a consular officer. We strive to provide services as promptly as possible and appreciate your patience.

Can I complete forms at the Embassy?
Your wait time will be much longer if you wait to complete the application forms at the Embassy. Instructions regarding forms and necessary documents are available on our website. Arriving to the Embassy prepared will help expedite the speed with which we can process your application.

I have a question that is not raised in the FAQ.  What can I do?
Please send your question in the form of an e-mail to We will reply to you as soon as we can. Thank you very much.