Tony Memmel visits Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru

Tony Memmel and his band.
Engaging audience at the Johor Spastic Association.

Songwriter and performer Tony Memmel visited Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru from Nov 6 -10 under the American Music Abroad program administered by American Voices for the Department of State.  Tony was born missing his left forearm, but nevertheless taught himself to play the guitar with the use of a device he made himself. Together with his wife Lesleigh, who plays keyboard, and Joseph Wengerd on guitar, Tony Memmel and His Band performed at the Ambassador’s residence and at the Dyslexia Center of Kuala Lumpur and did a workshop at a local music school. They also performed at the American Corner, the Malaysia Arts School and the Spastics Association of Johor. In all of his interactions with students, disability activists and media audiences, Tony talked about overcoming challenges, reconciling differences, and going on a journey of personal fulfillment through music. His time in Malaysia included video, audio and interview sessions with Lite FM, MHI TV, BFM and several other print media.

Tony performing at the Malaysia Arts School.