U.S. Embassy Hosts Election Watch Party

The Embassy hosted a successful election watch party at a hotel ballroom that featured information booths, mock voting, lectures on the American political system, and interactive games. More than 500 people attended, including students and teachers from local secondary schools and universities, business representatives, members of the diplomatic community, and media. The Embassy partnered with ...
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Summary of the U.S. Presidential Election Process

The Candidates About a year before the elections candidates from the two main political parties the Democrats and the Republicans begin their campaign trails. They set up their team and start “going on tour” around the country to rally for support and to fundraise for their campaigns. The Debates At the start of the campaigns ...
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A-Z to U.S. Elections

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO   PQRSTUVWXYZ   A Absentee voting allows voters who cannot come to polling places to cast their ballots. A variety of circumstances, including residency abroad, illness, travel or military service, can prevent ...
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