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Service Academy Cadets

Service Academy CadetsEach year, thousands of young men and women compete for admission into United States Service Academies globally and only ten percent are selected due to the highly rigorous admission process. This year three candidates from Malaysia have been selected for an appointment to U.S. Service Academies and will join the class of 2023.

71 countries were invited to nominate candidates this year with the goal to enroll 15 candidates in each of the service academies. Less than 20% of international applicants were selected. The selection process is very rigorous and competitive; candidates are evaluated on their academic performance, physical aptitude, character, and leadership potential.

30 Malaysians have graduated from U.S. Service Academies since 1971.

Currently, Malaysia has 6 cadets in U.S. Service Academies: two at the U.S. Air Force Academy, two at the U.S. Naval Academy and two at the U.S. Military Academy. All are performing exceptionally and I am confident that Grace, Mateshan and Aniq will follow in their footsteps admirably, and also create a new path for other young leaders who have similar aspirations.