PAO Presents First American Shelf to the National Library of Malaysia

Photo of people shaking hands
PAO Bonnie Gutman and Director General of the National Library Dato’ Raslin Co-officiate the presentation of Malaysia’s first American Shelf. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On July 22, PAO Bonnie S Gutman presented Malaysia’s first American Shelf to the National Library of Malaysia at a special ceremony hosted by the Director General of the National Library, Dato’ Raslin Abu Bakar, and attended by 100 senior librarians, Lincoln Corner directors, library patrons, and the media.  Guests applauded the PAO’s key message that the American Shelf, comprising about 300 titles of books and multimedia materials on the United States, was a “gift of friendship” from the American people.  In their remarks, both Bonnie and Dato’ Raslin echoed how the United States and Malaysia, with diverse populations, shared common values, and how the American Shelf would further foster mutual understanding and friendship.  Handouts for participants included IIP’s new Muslims in America booklet, and two Post-produced bulletins: webliography “About America” (PDF 372 KB) and Issue in Focus: Ramadan Kareem-Muslim Life in America (PDF 371 KB).

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