Grant Opportunity: Tun Mustapha Park Enforcement Assessment and Follow-on Activities

Funding Opportunity Title: Tun Mustapha Park Enforcement Assessment and Follow-on Activities

Funding Opportunity:
American and local NGO’s are invited to submit a proposal to develop an assessment for a cost effective compliance system for the Tun Mustapha Park placing special emphasis on protection of no-take zones and management of fisheries. The budget for the proposal should be no greater than $250,000 U.S. Dollars.

Length of grant will be for one year to accommodate the follow-on activities.

Program Objectives:
Specific objectives include:

  1. Develop a practical compliance strategy based on interviews of local enforcement actors, non-government entities, fishers, analysis of existing co-management strategies and one or more comprehensive site visit.
  2. Prioritize a series of recommendations to optimize patrol strategies/costs as well as increase detection efficacy using electronic monitoring systems (EMS). The final report will include a holistic compliance system approach and design including:
    1. potential technologies,
    2. Vessel requirements,
    3. community engagement, outreach, and education;
    4. human resource requirements, including training, energy supply needs; and
    5. an overall cost estimate.
  3. Based on recommendations accepted by the relevant TMP management authorities develop and implement initial compliance-related training and compliance methods pilot projects, including up to $50,000 to pilot best fit, low-cost compliance infrastructure, equipment and technologies.

Application Information:
The recipient is responsible for the conception and structure of the assessment, and training and methods pilot projects.  Proposals must provide a detailed and comprehensive narrative describing the objectives of the assessment and address their experience and expertise in the technical aspects of this work, including work in geographies that would applicable to marine compliance in Southeast Asia.  Overall, proposals will be reviewed on the basis of their responsiveness to the criteria listed below, as well as coherence, clarity, and attention to detail.

Proposal Requirements:
Applicants should include the following in the proposal submission. All submissions must be in English.

Application Form for Organization (PDF 219 KB) | Project Detail | Budget

Closing Date: July 30, 2016