MH370 Tragedy: Lincoln Corner Kedah’s Young Fans Express Sympathy

Photo of Malaysian children
Young Malaysians show emotions about MH370 through cards. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On March 26, twenty young Malaysians expressed their sympathies to the families who had loved ones on Malaysia Airlines MH370.  As sadness pervades Malaysia regarding this tragedy, Lincoln Corner Kedah took initiatives to help young patrons of the Corner deal with their sadness and concern associated with the daily news about different aspects of the Malaysian flight MH37O.  Lincoln Corner Kedah librarians took a creative approach to help these young Malaysian patrons of the Corner through this difficult time and invited their participation in a creative art exercise.  They used Corner art materials to attract the children to express their feelings through visual art.  The children, assisted by their parents and some teachers, created sympathy cards and drew praying hands and other images and wrote messages of prayers and loving thoughts dedicated to the families impacted by the loss of MH370 —an unprecedented tragedy making global headlines.