Lincoln Corner Kedah Showcases ETAs’ Creative English Teaching Methods

Photo of a group of English teachers
Group photo of the participants with the ETAs. (U.S. Embassy photo)

At a workshop entitled “How to Teach English Creatively,” U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) Kathryn Kasten and Amy Mon shared their expertise with 14 local English teachers from Alor Setar’s secondary schools in the state of Kedah, in the north of peninsular Malaysia.  Presenting theories and incorporating video clips, comic strips, mind mapping techniques, and interactive role plays, the ETAs demonstrated how to teach English creatively in order to engage students and captivate their attention throughout classes. Participants found the presentations on ‘Creative Paper resources for Interactive Learning’ and ‘Creative Project Based Learning’ inspiring and useful. Corner librarians supported the workshop with pertinent library resources, while Post’s Reference Librarian Nurha Matrang distributed teacher and student editions of the Department of State’s English Teaching DVDs, Trace Effects, to each participant.