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Library of Congress
December 6, 2015

Officer in Charge: M. Lingeswaran

The primary mission of the Library of Congress (LC), Kuala Lumpur representative office is to support the informational needs of Congress and the American people with regard to Malaysia and Brunei.

The routine work of this office is the collection and processing of print and non-print materials for the Library of Congress, other U.S. governmental agencies, research institutions and universities in North America, Australia and Asia.

This office annually collects about 1000 monographs and about 800 serials and periodicals. The office has also found a new source to supply newspaper in microfilm. Materials are collected in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil on a variety of subjects including sociology, government/politics and geography. Of particular note is unique material we have been able to collect from governmental organizations, the private sector, and NGOs about political issues in Malaysia.

Once a preliminary bibliographic record is made, the materials are sent to Jakarta and other LC centers to be cataloged, bound if necessary, and shipped to LC-Washington and participant institutions. In addition to the normal methods of processing, some publications are also scanned for electronic transfer to the United States on a special requirement basis.

The Library of Congress Kuala Lumpur section is staffed by two Malaysian nationals and located in the American Embassy building.

For more information, visit the Library of Congress web site.

Email: linges@locjkt.or.id