Lincoln Corner Johor Catches U.S. Elections Fever

Alex Hawkes in a group photo with students at the Lincoln Corner. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On January 21, US Embassy Political Officer Alex Hawkes presented a seminar at Lincoln Corner Johor on “U.S. Elections: Road to the White House” to about forty-five students and faculty members from the Sultan Ibrahim Polytechnic and Metro Polytechnic of Johor Bahru. Participants were pleased to learn about the U.S. electoral process, including the role of primaries and caucuses, and to get expert opinions about the 2016 US Presidential candidates. Lincoln Resource Center Reference Librarian Nurha Matrang assisted Hawkes and the audience with Malay translations during the lively Q&A session which ensued. Hawkes fielded a wide range of questions from U.S. political parties, to legislation, to eligibility of presidential candidates. The participants were particularly engaged in the discussion which included a comparison of election systems of the US and Malaysia. Hawkes also informed the students about U.S. campus life, food, and culture as many were interested in pursuing higher education in America. At the end of the session, students enjoyed browsing the Lincoln Corner collection which included books, DVDs, Wii games, iPads and Kindle e-readers, among other resources.