Johor Youth “Make It” at the Lincoln Corner

Participants try programming a robot (U.S. Embassy photo)

On August 27, Lincoln Corner Johor organized their first Makerspace program for the public.  The Corner partnered with Malaysian firm MY-Robot Education Center to implement a program focused on introducing robotics and 3D printing to an audience of youth.  More than 150 secondary school students, college students, educators, librarians, and library users participated in the half-day event.  Mr. Jacky Tan, a representative from MY-Robot, kicked-off the program with a presentation entitled “Maker and Robotic”.  Mr. Tan’s presentation highlights the ways makers and startups create prototypes using 3D printers and pitch their products to investors and showcases President Obama’s focus on “Makers”.  The presentation includes videos explaining the origins of Makey-Makey and 3Doodlers and how these tools were brought to market.

Participants in the program received hands-on practice with maker equipment provided by MY-Robot and the Lincoln Corner.  Participants learned how to program a robot using a smartphone app, use the conductivity in fruit to create original music with a Makey-Makey,  and create miniature sculptures with a 3Doodler.