Johor Youth “Roar” With Excitement at Lincoln Corner Johor’s English Program

Photo of a group of students
Participants “roar” in excitement. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On September 21, about 40 secondary school students “roared” with excitement while listening to American singer Katy Perry’s song entitled, “Roar” during an interactive English seminar led by English Language Fellow (ELF) Emily Jones at Lincoln Corner Johor. The seminar entitled “Storytelling in English: Sharing Stories with the World” included writing, speaking and drama exercises. Participants filled out words intentionally omitted in Katy Perry’s lyrics sheet, learned vocabulary and figurative language. Dvided into small groups, they also enjoyed presenting simple sketches based on the lyrics. Under the ELF’s guidance they then shared short stories in English which they had read previously. Each participant received Embassy-donated thumb drives and note books. They departed the program emphasizing their intent to return to the Corner to enjoy engaging with American native English speakers at repeat programs.