American visual artist displays combines graffiti and calligraphy to reach out to Malaysians

Gabril Garay worked with a local artist to finish this masterpiece celebrating the U.S. – Malaysia relationship through ‘Food Diplomacy’
The boys quickly took to Gabrils’ art and saw how art can be a medium of expression.

The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur hosted American graffiti artist Gabril Garay for a week-long education and arts program in Kuala Lumpur and Johor.  During his stay, he reached out to multiple Malaysian school students and conducted programs on self-expression through the combination of graffiti art and calligraphy.

The Embassy also sponsored his participation in public art-making performances which culminated in a mural highlighting 60 years of U.S. – Malaysia relations. Gabril teaching students how to express themselves through art. Mr. Garay also built into his schedule a visit to a Somali refugee school where he gave advice on urban art, inspiring the students to use artistic tools to bring about social change. His visit reached over one thousand people through media.

Gabril teaching students how to express themselves through art.