An Exquisite American Seafood Evening

Washington; Right: Chargé de Mission Dean Thompson, wife Jean Thompson with Ms. Joani Dong, Agricultural Attaché and members of the FAS team.

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, USDA’s overseas export promotion arm for American agricultural products, known as the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), held “An Exquisite Evening with American Seafood” at The Oak Room, Bangsar South in Kuala Lumpur, with 52 guests attending.

It targeted seafood importers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, food service and representatives of U.S. associations that support export market development.

A young, and upcoming Malaysian Chef, Qi Ren, gave a demo on how to prepare live Alaskan King Crab, live Boston red lobster served with U.S. russet potato dauphinoise, mango and habanero sauce. On display were fresh American Shigoku oysters from Washington State, and a beautiful collection of Californian wines for sampling. As host, Ms. Joani Dong, Agricultural Attaché, welcomed Chargé de Mission Dean Thompson, who officiated the U.S seafood promotion dinner.

Invited guests sang the praises about the four course dinner which included Florida’s Jonah crab claw meat, U.S. scallops and masutaki mushrooms in chicken consommé, Boston red lobster tail with U.S. russet potato dauphinoise with mango and habanero sauce; ending with a heavenly dessert of California strawberries with balsamic sabayon. It was truly an exquisite evening featuring the finest seafood and wines from America.