Embassy Kuala Lumpur hosts Access Teacher Training Workshop in Langkawi, Kedah

Participants strike a pose with Cultural Affairs Officer, Michael Quinlan after the closing ceremony.
Participants learn to play Activate games and create board games.

In collaboration with PAS Kuala Lumpur, Sekolah Menengah Agama Rompin (SMAR) hosted the first ever Access Teacher Training workshop in Malaysia from August 27-30 in Langkawi, Kedah. This training workshop was aimed at equipping the new and potential Access teachers with current teaching methodologies for Access classes and at the same time connecting them with teachers from past providers to learn best practices and challenges of the program. The 4-day workshop was led by three speakers from SMAR, Madam Farah Jasmine from the Ministry of Education, and freelance English Language Specialist Khidar Abdullah.

Attended by nineteen teachers and educators from Peninsular Malaysia, the training workshop provided important overview information on the Access program, which was presented by RELO Bangkok, Alice Murray.

Bangkok Regional English Language Officer, Alice Murray gives an overview of Access program to participants.

Each participant received a copy of the “Activate: Games” package and were taught how to play and create board games in a session led by SMAR. Other topics featured included sessions about Voice of America English learning in the 21st century classroom, grammar games, assessments vs. evaluation, and essentials of cooperative learning.

Overall, the teachers were very satisfied with this workshop and expressed great interest in attending a more advanced, follow-up workshop to share their experiences with implementation of the teaching techniques learned from this program.