English Language Fellow Rose Graves leads English activities for Access students in Rompin, Pahang

English Language Fellow Rose Graves conducted events over two days at SMA Rompin high school in Pahang, Malaysia from August 29 through 30. She conducted an interactive lesson for the school’s 40 Access students using materials from the State Department’s American English website focusing on American slang expressions and identifying cultural values through idioms. The Fellow also gave an interactive, all-school presentation to around 400 students on American history and culture, including a Jeopardy quiz on her home state of California. The Fellow also supported the “Access Open Day” event organized by the Access teachers and students. The themes of the event were the history and culture of both the Malaysian and American Independence Days. Rose took the opportunity to share engaging information about 4th of July traditions in the US. The program was also enlivened with a variety of exciting activities such as quizzes on Malaysia and U.S. History, a Spelling Bee competition and many more.

On the last day of the program, the Access students performed a Jazz Chant on Little Red Riding Hood followed by a video presentation of activities held throughout the “Access Open Day”. The two-day program was attended by Cultural Affairs Officer Michael Quinlan together with other invited guests from Pahang Islamic Department (JAIP), officials from the Ministry of Education and teachers from nearby schools.