EducationUSA Malaysia organizes “Best 4 Me: 4 Ways to Study in the U.S.” Workshop

On May 8, EducationUSA Malaysia organized a public workshop entitled “Best 4 Me: 4 Ways to Study in the U.S.” The event was held at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) and featured U.S. university alumni as panel speakers. Alumni Bryan Guan, Wong Yi Jet, and John Lin shared about their experiences entering a U.S. university via A- Levels, the American Degree program and community college. Subsequently, during the second panel “So What’s It Like?,” alumni Zaim Salimun, SinSeanne Ng, and Nick Khaw talked about the fond memories they had as students of a public university, a women’s liberal arts college, and a private university. They encouraged students to fully utilize the opportunities they have on campus and to lead a balanced life between academics and extracurriculars. The audience was thoroughly engaged listening to the alumni share their experiences and asked questions eagerly at the end of the workshop. The event was a success in highlighting the strengths and diversity of U.S. higher education.

Alumni answering questions from the audience about their experiences in the U.S.