U.S. Embassy YSEALI Bootcamp Program for Malaysia

The U.S. Embassy is offering grants to Malaysian institutions, organizations and individuals to assist the embassy in organizing a series of two-day workshop on youth empowerment and leadership for members of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) in public universities throughout Malaysia. The Department of State will have a role in determining the content and structure of the workshops. Proposals are subject to funding availability.

General Guidelines

  • Malaysian institutions/organizations/individuals may submit proposals for projects of maximum one-year timeframe.
  • Grants may be made to non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations. YSEALI alumni and members are encouraged to submit proposals for funding. Third-country organizations and individuals are not eligible.
  • Proposals may include modest administrative expenses, including honoraria/partial salaries of grant implementers, but only when they are directly linked to the conduct of the specific grant program. General operating expenses, long-term infrastructure costs and undefined miscellaneous or “overhead” expenses are not acceptable.
  • Grant funds may be used for seminars and workshops, but proposals must describe the expected audience, content, and timeframe, and justify the activity in terms of outcome and benefits.
  • Grant funds may be used for the publication of materials, but proposals must describe the audience, content and means of distribution.


  • Funding Opportunity Number: S-MY300-18-YSEALI
  • CFDA Number: 19.040
  • Dateline: September 1, 2018

Application Form for Organization (PDF 219 KB) | Project Detail | Budget