Chargé d’affaires Kagan Amplifies MLK Jr. Day Seminar at Sunway University

Chargé Edgard Kagan, panel participants, and Sunway University faculty and students pose for a group photo after a discussion on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights in America and Malaysia. (U.S. Embassy photo)

On January 27th, at a seminar and panel discussion commemorating MLK Jr. Day hosted by Sunway University’s Center for American Education, Chargé d’affaires Edgard Kagan spoke to 150 students and faculty members about the lasting achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chargé Kagan shared personal anecdotes about Dr. King’s impact on his own life and the lives of his parents and children. Chargé Kagan also described how Dr. King advanced civil rights for minority groups in America and ways Dr. King’s legacy continues to inspire people all over the world. Visiting U.S. Fulbright Professor Dr. Brian Wilson, Paul Linus Andrews of Sunway Business School, and Adrian Pereira of the Malaysian NGO North South Institute contributed to the panel discussion. Professor Wilson offered insights on how Dr. King’s studies at religious universities formed the foundation of his speech-making abilities, while Mr. Andrews and Mr. Pereira discussed topics related to the civil rights of minority groups within Malaysia. Following the panelists’ remarks, students from Sunway participated in a lively question and answer session.